Part of the Community

Competition is an important part of the business. However, working together instead of against each other can set free unforeseen synergies.

This is why we at Knipp live the the idea of community. We like to remain open-minded and curious about new ways of successful cooperation. We are also keen to use open source software (OSS). In return, we give back to the community in the form of plug-ins, bug reports and bug fixes.

Basic Groundwork

Creating a common basis is crucial for collective efforts. Especially the domain business constantly provides new and complementary requirements to which all involved parties commit themselves.

We believe in the power of participation, so we see it as a chance to actively get involved in the formation processes of such requirements and standards. We are an active member of several national and international task groups, for example the DENIC eG, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as well as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Potential through Innovation

We are convinced that education and advanced training for our employees is the best investment for the company.

Especially young colleagues have great potential and innovative ideas in minds. In that way, they can significantly enhance the company‘s competences and portfolio in the long run. We seize every opportunity to get into contact with tomorrow's employees. Accompanying and supporting young academics is therefore one of our main concerns. We are always interested in trendsetting cooperations with universities and academic institutions.

»New ideas are like young plants, threatened often by the everyday life in their development. Knipp Labs is a kind of garden in which our employees can flourish creative ideas without disruption.«

Elmar Knipp, CEO

From our Software Labs

In addition to third party software, we also provide our own projects as open source software for the community. In the following, let us present some examples in more detail.



In addition to providing ready-made software products, we also try to contribute our share "on a small scale" to make the Internet and the world a little bit better.