User-Optimised Controlling

The user-optimised information software mambo⁺ provides a multitude of sophisticated monitoring tools for your domain portfolio.

The acronym mambo⁺ stands for »monitoring and management beautifully organized«. Supervise your domain portfolio in order to identify important long-term developments and tendencies as well as short-term changes. In addition to providing individually configurable reports and up-to-date statistics, mambo⁺ immediately informs you about significant incidents.

Reputation Through Data

mambo⁺ helps you to supervise rankings, DNS information and domain abuse such as spam, phishing, malware and botnets.

mambo⁺ also delivers precious insight into your portfolio and warns you in case of domain abuse or technical issues such as a DNS lookup problem. In that way, you can secure and further raise your reputation in the long run.

Registries: ICANN-Compliance with mambo⁺

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulates the top level domain market.

If you operate a TLD in accordance with ICANN‘s latest guidelines, then specification 11 3b obliges you to monitor your domains for any abuse. You can fulfill these requirements with mambo⁺. The software monitors your ZONE, automatically alarms you in case of abuse, keeps all the information required for ICANN audits and generates all necessary reports.

»Check out our various tools to monitor your domains. Our smart mambo⁺ bulb lights up when abuse has been detected.«

Dipl.-Inform. Elisei Rotaru, Software Developer

Data Security

It goes without saying that mambo⁺ meets highest demands in regard to data security and the safety of processed information.

mambo⁺ data is saved on European servers. Hence, it adheres to the restrictive European General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, Knipp's certification under ISO/IEC 27001 is further proof that our comprehensive security concepts complies with highest international standards.


Especially registrars and resellers sell individual services or software packages based on mambo⁺ directly to their customers. Based on our special reseller prices you can allocate your customers with precious add-ons to your services at a competitive price.


You would like your individual analysis software to adapt your CI? No problem. mambo⁺ can be labeled with your logo and appear in your colour scheme. We would be happy to personally inform you about all possibilities.