Cloud and Data Center

In our data center, we do not only operate our own server infrastructure, but we also offer our customers to use the data center for their own purposes.

Besides conventional and high availability data center services, we also provide cloud computing services for big data analyses, for example, or to host applications with special requirements with regards to reliability and scalability.

In addition to that, we provide almost any sort of hosting service for our customers, ranging from the simple operation of various content managemanent systems (CMS) and e-commerce applications to complex storage, backup and server systems. That includes both, virtual and physical server solutions, as well as customers deploying their own equipment in our data center (server housing).


Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis

We use our resources for successful big data analysis. Additionally, we offer our customers a wide range of cloud computing and big data services. From private, public oder hybrid cloud, to Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) or Software as a service (SaaS), we surely have the resources that fit your needs.

When complex, unstructured, or extremely large amounts of data need to be analyzed, our software developers help you to choose and implement the best data management strategies which can be realised on our hardware.

Little Trouble with Big Data

Our increasingly interconnected world produces more and more data which is a blessing and a curse. There is an increasing, pressing need to make these data extractable and to use them to optimise business processes.

Many of our software projects, for example in the domain area, have always called for high performance processing and storage of large data amounts. Accordingly, we developed considerable expertise in the areas of data dase technologies and data base optimisation.

In the past, data used to be rather structured and could be managed in traditional MySQL, Sybase or PostgreSQL data bases. Nowadays however, the requirements of handling big data have changed. Now, heterogenous data need to be extracted from different sources and be processed significantly faster, often in real-time.

»One of the biggest challenges of big data is to provide the required IT infrastructure.«

Damian Lusiewicz, Head of Network Operations Center

We Have Our Ear to the Ground

The new challenges can be mastered by new technological developments. It is common practice at Knipp that we observe the development of new products and procedures, test and assess them and then work the results into our own projects. Thus our expertise in relevant technologies such as scalable NoSQL solutions and products such as Elastic Search, MongoDB and Hadoop provides us with the tools to design and implement big data solutions.

What does an effective big data solution require? First of all, you need the storage capacities to keep the data for processing and analysis. Furthermore, it requires considerable computing power to process the data and deliver sound analyses within a reasonable time frame.

The good news is that all these are Knipp's core competencies and part of the data services we offer.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things is one of the reasons for the increasing amount of available data. As the price for network and sensory technology is constantly decreasing, devices can be equipped at will. The results are numerous interesting new products and programs.

One example of a Knipp IoT project is our smart mambo⁺ bulb. The mambo⁺ bulb is a Bluetooth-capable RGB LED bulb that can be connected to our domain monitoring software mambo⁺. Information about domain abuse cases is thus displayed in a visually appealing manner.