Online Trademark Protection

We provide a new blocking service in four specific top level domains (TLDs).

Until recently, Internet addreses could mostly only be protected by so-called defensive registrations. Basically registering domains yourself was the only real protection against unauthorized registrations by third parties. This was relatively expensive, time-consuming and was required for each notation of a trademark.

By using the new blocking service in the four top level domains .adult, .porn, .sex and .xxx, costs and efforts may be significantly reduced. A blocking will directly cover a term of 10 years.


On the History and Future of Protection

Erotic industry's first top level domain (.xxx) was introduced in 2011. Only members of the erotic industry or providers of adult content were allowed to use these domains. Additionally a 10-year blocking of their trademark's exact notation was offered for all trademark owners, to prevent any unauthorized use of their trademarks.

Some time ago, three further erotic top level domains (.adult, .porn., .sex) were introduced. In the meantime, the four top level domains' rules were aligned. All four top level domains don't require any evidence about being a member in the erotic industry or adult content sector.

Important: Previous blockings for .xxx, which were applied in 2011, will soon expire, at the end of their 10 year term. This will allow almost everyone to register all the previously blocked domains.

It is therefore to be expected that unauthorized usage will increase dramatically and, unlike before, soon available content, for those domains will also become more common. Using such domains for e-mail addresses will also be much easier and will probably also be used, or misused, much more often.

New Blocking Service

The TLD operator introduced a new blocking procedure, which enables trademark owners to renew existing 10-year blockings for .xxx domains and which will be expanded on all four top level domains (.xxx, .porn, .adult und .sex) as complete set.

Mandatory for the participation in the new blocking procedure is an entry of a trademark within the so-called Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) or an existing blocking, which was created in the so-called Sunrise B Phase, back in the year 2011.

Large Number of Variants and Language Scripts

Other than the blocking phase in 2011 the new blocking procedure isn't restricted to only one exact trademark notation. Instead, the new, strongly improved, blocking procedure provides an extensive protection which will automatically cover the trademark's visually similar variants and resembling notations (consisting of so-called homoglyphs) as well – in all four top level domains.

The large number of newly blocked resembling notations, clearly shows the new blocking procedure's significantly increased protection, compared to the blocking phase in 2011. Theoretically. more than 68 million resembling notations are to be considered for the notion "Beispiel" (German for "example").

Until now, the usage of accents (é, ê, è, á, â, à, ...), addition of a dieresis (ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü, ë, Ë), etc., or by using characters from different language scripts (by mixing latin, greek or cyrillic scripts, e.g. with the respective "i", "k", etc.) domains visually very similar to the trademark could be registered.

Users couldn't, or could only very hardly, see the differences.

These resembling notations could therefore even circumvent the previous blockings for .xxx domains, by using similar domains.

BEIЅPIEᏞ  ʙeispiel  Ьeⅰspiel
Beⅰspiel beiѕᏢɩêl  BEіSᏢіEL
BeⅰsрiĖι  bÊIႽpІÈl BĘіSpiеl
ᏴĕlՏᏢІÊι  ᏴëisΡⅰĒl BelᏚpiÊl
βėІᏚPⅠËl  Beispíel  ΒéᎥѕᏢiеl
ßĖΙѕpiЕⅼ  ΒEIsρіėʟ  ВelѕᏢᎥÈι
ᏴeIsPⅰel  ʙeⅠЅpIÈᏞ  ßeisρIěι
bËiՏpɩEL  BЕiᏚρiеﺍ  ЬÊⅰᏚᏢΙêⅼ
BЕΙՏРIÉᏞ  ВEɩSρⅠéⅼ  BéⅰsρΙel
bElSpIēﺍ  BᎬɩՏΡɩĖᏞ  ЬĔﺍsрlëⅬ
bÉⅰSᏢIĖﺍ  βĔⅰsPІeᏞ  ʙÉΙՏρɩÊL
ᛒÉiᏚpIĕﺍ  Bēﺍѕрﺍеʟ  ΒeⅠЅpІéⅬ
ßĕΙѕРΙÉι  BëﺍsᏢﺍÉl  BeᎥsРiĔι
ʙĒiѕΡﺍĘʟ  ΒĘlsΡіᎬl  ʙeisρIÈι
ʙëіsріĒʟ  bÉɩႽΡﺍēᏞ  βeIЅρіěι
bĕIsрⅠĕʟ  bĖⅠSpΙëᏞ  BēɩᏚρiēᏞ
BÈɩՏplĕι  ᏴěɩsΡiĚⅼ  BÈⅰѕPᎥĘﺍ
BëᎥᏚρІel  ΒeɩႽΡlЕl  ᏴeIЅΡⅰᎬⅬ
ßËіѕPІËﺍ  BᎬiѕpiÉl  ᏴēіѕρIÊﺍ
bÈⅠЅPіěʟ  Веіspіěﺍ  ВEⅠᏚРⅠeL
ВĕІsΡᎥêﺍ    BêΙЅρIеⅬ  bÊﺍѕᏢɩêl
BÉɩЅрIél  ᛒêᎥᏚpᛁËʟ  ЬelႽPᎥĚⅬ
ЬëɩᏚᏢⅠěⅼ  BΕⅰЅᏢІël  ΒeІᏚρⅠêʟ
ʙĚⅰsPⅰĘⅼ  bÊiЅρΙᎬL  BĘiᏚΡⅰÉﺍ
ßĚІЅρⅰеⅼ  ʙĕIᏚpΙel  ᏴêᛁѕρﺍĔL
ʙĚᛁՏPΙĚⅼ  ᏴeІѕplËʟ  ВĕІѕΡΙЕᏞ
ВĕɩsρiėL  ВêΙႽplеᏞ  béiЅρіĒⅬ
ʙÈiႽρᎥÊᏞ  ВЕIsРﺍEⅬ  ᛒĖⅰЅРﺍĕl

Expert Advice Included

Registering domains for and blocking of trademarks is not like assembly line work. Instead it requires individual and careful consideration, which strategy would fit best for the specific needs. This requires year-long experience, which we can provide. We will assist you during the process.

The Fast and Secure Way to Blocking

To activate your trademark's protection only a few steps are required from your side. We will care for anything else:

  1. Create a list of your trademarks, for which the blocking should be activated.
  2. Only if at hand: Check if your trademarks already got an entry within Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Or are there any existing .xxx domain blockings which date back to the year 2011?
  3. Request a free consulting call by an advisor. We will review the required steps and will answer any open questions.
  4. We will apply for the blocking after your order. Usually a blocking will be finished within three working days.