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Unerring Brand Communication

Since the decision has been made on ICANN's 41st Meeting in Singapore it has become a certainity: nothing is going to get in the way of the introdcution of new top level domains anymore. Individual domain endings for companys, brands, or organizations will soon become a reality.
Brand TLDs like that, however, have different requirements for the technical realization than their classic, generic counterparts. In particular, there is not a lengthy distribution chain (registry, registrar, reseller, end customer) but the operator of the top level domain is normally also its user and administrator.
Knipp recognized the need for a software solution for dotBRANDs at an early stage and has developed TANGO, a solution that allows to operate and manage top level domains very easily and comfortably. TANGO is technologically up to date and does not only meet ICANN's rather challenging requirements, but even exceeds them.
The most important goal in the design of the TANGO technology was robustness. As a result, TANGO REGISTRY SERVICES® offers a system stability at the highest international level. In addition to that, every customer gets an individual set of hardware, in the main operating center as well as in the failover facilities that are always connected in hot standby mode.
A further advantage of TANGO is its outstanding scalability. No matter if you aim at 3.000 registrations under your own TLD, or if you strive for 30 million registrations, TANGO REGISTRY SERVICES® is the plattform to use. Moreover, it can also be operated as a white label solution.
If you should intend to seize the historical chance to bring your own domain into being, TANGO is the right contact. Thanks to the expertise of our TANGO team and thanks to an efficient operating schedule it is not too late to go for you own top level domain. Just call us, without any obligations. We are happy to advise you.
(Mrs. Yvonne Heinz) +49-231-9703-210
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