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Domain Management

For years, there has been an increasing number of TLDs and domain registrations. This is not only a sign of the Internet becoming a ripe branch of the economy, it also reflects the significance of the Internet for existing and new brands and trademarks. In practice, selection and registration of domains is often still done spontaneously, not in a planned and structured manner. For example, domains are registered with different registrars, for different registrants and with various administrators. The uncontrolled growth continues because relevant domains are not registered, while other important domains have already been registered by a (rightless) third party. It also happens that domains are still in the portfolio that are not needed (any more). Furthermore, domain data are often inconsistent or not up-to-date, or the domains do not work properly from a technical point of view.
Knipp's way: holistic domain management.
Knipp can handle the whole domain management for your company. But what exactly is encompassed by the term »domain management«? It is often associated with »domain administration«, but this is actually only one part. We view domain management in an integrated way and therefore include the following tasks.

Stocktaking and documentation

In the first step, we take stock of your domain portfolio(s). The foremost goal hereby is to collect and document your currently registered domains with their vital data (registrars, registrants, administrators, expiration dates, DNS details and so on). In the course of this, we also check whether the DNS entries, like MX records, are set up correctly. The stocktaking also considers those domains whose registration you are planning and those that are already registered by a third party, but that you would otherwise register.
The first step is usually a current state analysis.
The analysis of the current state also includes a compilation of all your brands and trademarks as well as of the countries and regions in which your company is present. Naturally, plans about forthcoming market entries and new products or brands are to be included in this stage of stocktaking already. Knipp follows a proactive and conservative registration routine. The cost of acquiring a domain that has already been registered by a third party is normally disproportionately higher than that for registering a few domains »too many«. This is all the more true if an action has to be brought before the WIPO or a different arbitration board in the framework of the UDRP or a different domain name dispute resolution. One should also keep in mind that a successful outcome of the action is not certain from the outset.

Development of the domain strategy

Based on your communication guidelines and in close coordination with you, we develop a comprehensive strategy for the selection of domains in order to make registration and administration always follow the same scheme. A domain strategy especially catering for globally operating companies from Germany could look as follows:
  • The domain name of the company and the names of relevant subsidiaries are chosen. In the case of foreign branches, the respective country is added with a hyphen. The legal form of the company is not mentioned. These specifications result in domain names of the following form: company, company-abc, company-mexico, company-denmark, company-panama or company-japan. To distinguish and mark the company headquarters, the country the company is based in is not mentioned. So a domain like »company-germany« will not be used for a German company based in Germany.
  • Registration of the names and name combinations identified under point one for the following TLDs:
    • Country-code domains (ccTLDs) for the company headquarters: .de and .eu;
    • generic TLDs (gTLDs): .com, .biz, .net, .info and .org;
    • sponsored TLDs (sTLDs): .mobi, .tel and .jobs;
    • as far as contained in the domain name: IDNs for .de and .eu.
  • For foreign branches, only the respective country-code domain is registered, for example,, and If the company has a branch in Asia, as in this case, the domain is registered as well. The TLD .asia is a sponsored TLD.
  • In general, only one domain name is communicated to all external stakeholders, in particular to customers, suppliers and the general public. This is the domain with the still economically most important TLD .com, which is reserved exclusively for the main web presence of the company. In the example this would be Except for the two TLDs .mobi and .tel, the remaining domains with the TLDs .de, .eu and so forth are linked to the IP address of the main web presence. As an exception, the communication limited to a particular country may use the respective country-code domain (for example
  • It is an established marketing tool to also register so-called »typo domain names«, because some users enter a (supposed) domain name directly into the browser's location bar instead of using a search engine. If the spelling is phonetically similar but wrong, the user will still end up on the intended website if a redirection is in place. Knipp helps you in identifying relevant typo domain names and registers them for you.

Realising the domain strategy

In the course of realising the domain strategy, the identified new domains are registered, the term of registration of existing domains is extended and domains that are no longer needed are deleted or not extended. To reduce the administrative work, a central domain portfolio is created for you within Knipp's domain registration system and all domains are transferred to Knipp. Furthermore, we check whether it is possible to acquire domains that you would like to have but are owned by a third party or that were not extended by mistake. This includes searching so-called whois data, online domain marketplaces and freely available domains. If you wish, Knipp will also buy the domains for you without revealing your company's name.

Domain administration

Knipp offers the Domain Registration System as a centralised solution for the administration of your domain portfolio and the DNS hosting of your domains. We ensure, of course, that the registration term of your domains is extended in due time and that domains that are no longer needed are marked for deletion - without you needing to take action.
With our DRS and Knipp as a partner, professional domain management becomes a child's play.
Due to our numerous memberships, we are always informed about current developments in the domain business and keep you up-to-date, for example about the introduction of new TLDs and the possibilities of preferential registration during the so-called sunrise period.
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