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Computer Scientist (m/f)

Job description

While working primarily on web-based applications, you turn given ideas into concrete solutions. You work in a team and coordinate yourself with the other colleagues. Making direct arrangements with the customer also belongs to your tasks.

Your profile

You have studied computer science at university or an institute of technology and graduated with extraordinary success. Now you would like to start your professional life. You are communicative, committed to your work and are able to think in global contexts. Your work is a pleasure for you. You already chose computer science courses at school. You are able to speak German as well as English.
You tend to address problems in a practical way and open-minded towards applying new techniques.
You have an aesthetical sense for graphical user interfaces and are able to explain your flavour. You are versatilely interested in various subjects.

Your occupational qualification

During study, you got to know different programming languages. Java is one of them. You have worked with the most common operating systems. You already experienced teamwork in the scope of a project group. You are familiar with keywords like Java EE, XML, UNIX, CVS, DesignPattern and UML.
As a subsidiary subject of your study, you chose business studies, electrical engineering or mathematics.


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