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Official start for .nrw
NRW Economics Minister Garrelt Duin welcomes the new top-level-domain for North Rhine-Westphalia: »With .nrw North Rhine-Westphalia gets a new virtual home on the net.« More ...
New Top Level Domains with Knipp
Increased Diversity with new TLDs. Make sure to register your favored domain today. Knipp offers all available phases (also phases for trademark owners). Get more information ...
.eu Christmas Competition
Anyone who validly registers a .eu domain name between November 27th and December 23rd gets the chance to win a trip to Tuscany (Italy).
To EURid's Christmas Competition
Knipp is official TMCH Agent
Trademark holders who want to take part in the Sunrise phases of the new TLDs can register their marks at the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) – via Knipp.
Here is how ...
Knipp with 100 Percent Green Energy
The entire power supply of Knipp, including the operation of its data center in Dortmund, is completely extracted from regenerative energy sources.
More about Green IT at Knipp ...