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Supreme service quality for your
name server infrastructure: ironDNS®

The Internet's rising importance for enterprise-critical applications is posing rapidly increasing challenges to the operation of name servers for Internet addresses (domain names). In many cases, the evolved technical architectures have been insufficient for quite some time. But this is often recognized too late, namely when e. g. DoS attacks cause outages to Internet addresses.
Enterprises and domain registrars are often lacking the ability to deal with this issue properly. Moreover, it is advisable for them to focus on their core business and leave the operation of their DNS infrastructure to experts.
This gap can be addressed using the services provided by ironDNS®. It can supplement the customer's name server infrastructure, or even replace it completely.
The technology behind ironDNS® is a completely new development by Knipp that was started from scratch in 2006. Meanwhile, the ironDNS® service has evolved into a separate spin-off enterprise. ironDNS® is the first company to offer global solutions based on the ironDNS® engine, which has successfully been deployed for customers requiring mission-critical Internet infrastructure.
For further information on the different ironDNS® products and the underlying technology, please refer to the company's website at
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